On Friday, September 9th, 2016 as Dan and I arrived in Allentown from Ohio, we saw our beloved Riff Raff family just finishing up the funeral at the Woodlawn Cemetary of one of our own.  We had to say goodbye to a special Lady - Karen Marcks.  We met up with everyone at one of Karen's favorite restaurants - Top Diner in Allentown.  She also picked out the menu and some of her favorite music was played while we all ate and talked of many things past, present and future.

One of the topics was the names of our founding members.  We had twenty-two (22) original members.  It took some time and with the help of others we remembered all.  Here are the names of our original founding members:

  • Richard and Karen Marcks
  • Lu and Crystal Brunetta
  • Dan and Kathy Transue
  • Matt and Karen Kichline
  • Jeff and Lois Bowers
  • Myk and Susie Schallock
  • Don and Millie Henry
  • Bob and Brenda Davis
  • Bill and Kathy Herinya
  • Russ and Kathy Muschlitz
  • Greg Hockman and daughter Amy

Of these twenty-two, a few have passed, a few have moved and a few have gone their separate ways but we are, and always will be, Riff Raff and proud of it.  Dan and I now live in Ohio but we know, just like this weekend, when we are together for whatever reason, it is as though we never left.  The bond Dan and I have with our motorcycle family is one that I cherish deeply.  I love and respect all of them and we know they all feel the same.  A simple phone call from any of us for any kind of help, it is there - NO doubt!

Karen Marcks was always ready to take any unplanned ride or trip, including following two nutballs home on their motorcycle during a tornado warning!  Her and Richard were our goto persons when we were adopting our son.  I remember so clearly her telling me to stay strong and as tough as it gets with a special needs child, that one small kiss on the cheek or a hug and even just a smile from him makes it all worth it.  She was right!

Until we meet again on that beautiful highway in the sky, we bid our sweet and precious friend Karen Marcks goodbye.  We are all a a little bit better off having known her.

Karen Marcks
April 6, 1949 - September 2, 2016