On December 8th, Lu and I attended the Giving Tree dinner for 20 families at the Executive Education Academy Charter School. They had food donated by a local restaurant from salads to dessert – even cookies. There were a lot of families there as well as the companies and organizations who sponsored the families.

Santa was also there to give the kids one gift. The other gifts were given to the families to put under their tree and give out on Christmas. There was also a Santa Workshop which had gifts that the kids could choose and wrap to give to their parents.

At the end of the dinner each family was given a large bag to fill with items from the Valley Hope Center which is located in the same building. The Valley Hope Center takes donations and gives them to families in need at no cost. So if you have any items you would like to donate contact them.


Thanks again to Lisa for coming though with a Christmas Family and telling us about this charity function she does every year. Also thanks to everyone that participated in the Annie The Owl Fundraiser and I hope to have more people participate next year.